Saturday 23 March 2024

The Pandora Box on Bernas, is about to be opened as Azman Mahmood, the director general of paddy and Rice Sector Gets Laughed at on Tik Tok

WHEN it's true good to be true, there is always a CATCH, and with that, I had waited for months, on when will financial journalist in Malaysia start question Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary's BERNAS on what's the CATCH in the company agreeing to share 30 per cent of its profits with paddy farmers. 

NOBODY I know off have questioned this move by BERNAS, nor have I read anywhere, which explicitly states, that the willingness of Bernas to do so DOES NOT MAKE ANY ECONOMIC SENCE.

AND why does it not make any economic sence ? Well for one, BERNAS owns 50 per cent of Gardenia and without any Government help have managed to grow the business since 2019  into a READ : a Billion Ringgit Revenue Earner.

A billion Ringgit and growing rapidly, that's how I would sum up, Gardenia's business in Malaysia.

SO why is Syed Mokthar Al Bukhary's BERNAS so generous and if indeed generosity is the centre of the BERNAS universe, why not then just give in to the demands of Malay farmers and Malay rice mill owners READ: who since the days of Najib Razak as Prime Minister, have wanted BERNAS out of their Universe.

I am sure we will get those answers sooner rather than latter as long as Anwar Ibrahim is the Prime Minister.

TALKING about Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister should take note that his director general of paddy and rice sector is fast becoming a laughing stock on Tik Tok.

MEET  Azman Mahmood, who is also a paid for director in Bernas, who on record told Malaysians READ : Dakwaan bahawa stok beras tempatan disorok oleh pengilang dan pemborong disifatkan tidak logik, only to be recently challenged by READ :  the MP from Bukit Gantang for lying to the Prime Minister.

THESE days, Azman Mahmood with the help of Syed Mokthar's  Utusan Malaysia READ : wants to wear the inflation buster cap by stating ; Peniaga jual nasi kosong 300 peratus lebih mahal.

TIK Tok, though showed the world, why it is the people's app.