Thursday, 24 November 2022

In the Ugly Men's World , Zahid Hamidi :. Believe it or not

is the song from the television series, the Greatest American Hero, that Joey Scabury took to the top of the American charts.

ANWAR Ibrahim is back in the high life again in the world where the good humans live, while his friend of four decades, Zahid Hamidi walks alone in the Ugly men's world.

Look at what's happened to meI can't believe it myselfSuddenly I'm up on top of the worldIt should have been somebody else
Believe it or not, I'm walkin' on air

HE walks with his head held high, triumphing  for the third time in three years, when the odds that he will fall and fail  was close to certainty .

THE Zahid Hamidi of today, is not the emotional Zahid of a decade or two ago, but rather an aging man, who knows he already has a foot in the grave. READ: If I had joined Bersatu, 3.8 million Umno members would pee on my grave - Zahid.

THE corruption case against Zahid Hamidi, which everyone said he is confirmed guilty, in the end looked, so weak when  politicians such as Khairy Jamaluddin and Muhyiddin Yassin were also tainted by Ultra Kirana. READ : Muhyiddin terima RM1.3 juta daripada UKSB .

ZAHID Hamidi has been bullied by the people in power and toyed with in Malaysia, of which many will claim is merely karma's balancing act

THE public laughs at him, curses him. There is a clear absence of cheerleaders, yet if today our spirits are lifted that Malaysia has a future, it is because men like Zahid Hamidi stood and fought , rather than run and hide.

SOMEDAY, this nation will have a plaque of Zahid Hamidi for the role he played to help bring back Malaysia, froma  slow and painful death. Let's not be hypocrites, in honouring Zahid Hamidi when he is no more. 

LET's even up Karma's book and forgive Zahid Hamidi and show him how much we appreciate what he has done to lift our spirits. We can do so  by starting to ask questions on the competence of the attorney general.