Tuesday 23 May 2023

OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares

THIS  is the staggering premium warrant holders who have converted the Revenue warrants ,into the mother shares are paying based on today's closing price.

CONSIDER the following.  To purchase the Revenue warrants, it will cost you seven sen based on today's closing price.

TO convert the warrants into mother shares, it will cost you another 75 sen.  In total, with zero brokerage cost , it will cost you a staggering 82 sen.

THE mother shares are being traded at 28.5 sen, meaning you can buy 3.47  mother shares for 82 sen.

SOMEBODY has purposely pumped in RM20 million in Revenue Group by purposely taking the expensive route.

WHO is this somebody? If the SC executive chairman Awang Adek Hussin does not want to investigate then perhaps its better if MACC' Azam Baki is given a shot to crack this case, as the guy knows how to clear House.