Sunday 29 October 2023

Anwar Ibrahim must be the most F'd up Finance Minister ?

THE knives are out for Anwar Ibrahim  on his reign as Finance Minister,  as those who oppose the Prime Minister has gone on full blast to paint him in the baddest light possible.

THE Ringgit, bashed as the worst currency  next to the Japanese Yen, among  core Asian currencies, obviously is getting repeatedly sodomised by the US Dollar , is catching a breath now at RM4.76 to the US Dollar.

BERSATU, READ ;  along side PAS and MCA wants Anwar Ibrahim to sack himself as Finance Minister, as they have started to pin the blame on the Ringgits demise and the very poor performance  of  the stock market solely on Anwar Ibrahim's head.

NEVERMIND , that there are TWO major wars taking place in the World right now, one in Europe where the Russians are slogging it out with Ukraine and the other, in Gaza in an ISRAEL versus ARAB fight, with plenty of hot heads, looking to be the only common denominator among this two brothers 

NEVERMIND,  the fact apart the RM1 billion to RM2 billion which Bank Negara had used to defend the Ringgit ,but  the past six Prime Minister's have left READ :the central bank with very limited financial options to defend the Ringgit.

KHAIRY Jamaluddin is the person most responsible  for kick starting this campaign,  against Anwar Ibrahim remaining the Finance Minister. READ : Khairy Jamaluddin ; Anwar Ibrahim is a part time Finance Minister.

IRONICALLY it was Khairy Jamaluddin  who went out of his way VIEW : to discredit an Emir Research report, that the nation has lost RM4.5 Trillion to corruption.

THE Ringgit value derived by Emir Research on what has been lost to corruption is not too far fetched, when you have much bigger names such as PriceWaterhouse and the World Bank going on record to  state READ : That every year, Malaysia losses about RM60 billion to corruption.

TO put things into perspective,  RM60 billion is about 15 per cent of the country's READ: RM393.8 billion national budget.

WHY are all this important in the conversation about Anwar Ibrahim in his role as the Finance Minister.

WELL, have you noticed something very UN MALAYSIAN  here? NOBODY, not even Anwar Ibrahim's first critics, who consistently mock him and his handling of the economy has accused  or remotely even hinted that Anwar Ibrahim is corrupted, or has a set of favourite crony companies.

THIS country does not need a person as smart as Albert Einstein to head the Finance Ministry, but it certainly needs to keep Anwar Ibrahim  as Finance Minister, because he has kept his family away from mega businesses and have personally kept his own HANDS CLEAN.