Friday 6 October 2023

MCA kau bodoh ke?

DO i like Rafizi Ramli? NOT really. IS it something personal? No lah, its mostly got to do in the manner he carries himself plus some of his ideas are down right stupid.

SHOULD we then listen to MCA  READ : Who wants Rafizi to be sacked as Economic Minister?.

MOREOVER, slamming Rafizi Ramli is a short cut to gain popularity and to get noticied by the general public in a speedier manner. VIEW : MCA sindir Rafizi yang dulu tolak GST, tapi kini sokong pula

SO should Rafizi Ramli be booted out and shamed in a cabinet reshuffle? HELL NO.

WHY is that so? WELL because in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king, that is why we should keep Rafizi Ramli and allow him to continue for the time being.

SO what are the mitigating reasons to keep Rafizi Ramli in office for the time being? Well the dude, for all his short comings, seems to be the only Minister remotely interested in READ : putting an end to the approved permit business which made all types of goods from rice to automobiles more expensive for the Malaysian consumer.