Thursday 19 October 2023

I said it, and now the Indian Foreign Ministry did it, a killer blow to Bernas EGO.

ON October 7 2023, I specifically wrote that READ : Malaysia being able to get constant and consistent supply of rice will not only depend on our Agriculture Minister's planning capabilities but also on how likeable our foreign minister is.

NO where in the statement did the Indian side even bother to allocate a single mention of the existence of BERNAS.

RATHER, the Indian side had mentioned that they are willing to bend backwards for Malaysia due to the great relationshiop both countries enjoy as nation states and due to the people to people relationship of the citizens of both countries.

SO now that it is proven that Syed Mokthar's Bernas can do jackshit to secure our rice needs, why the heck are we still feeding RM600 million every year to the company of a man who gave BERSATU RM195 million for its racist agenda?