Monday 16 October 2023

I said it, Regulators Echos it ; This Summer Gonna Hurt Like A Mother FxxxkxR

LOOKS like MyAirline, is exactly  what I told you it is, as Malaysia's aviation authorities reveals the truth, some which I had been privy to in advance. READ : The Corporate Mafia in Collaboration With The Bangla Gangster, now control two aviation companies in Malaysia. Money is not their ISSUE.

IF money is not the ISSUE, then what is the ISSUE?  

BEFORE, going further, let's first establish the truth behind the money is not the central issue theme. READ: A distressed Malaysian Parliament Officially Informed , that the Government audit on MyAirline Did NOT reveal signs of distress up to October 3 2023.

IF money was not the issue, then what is the CENTRAL issue?  To anwser that question, the reader must first find out READ : Why did Muhyiddin Yassin, the Home Minister Under PH's first rule, take ISSUE ,on clandestine meetings with a Bangla called Amin?

ONLY a select few are privy to detailed information on the sinister role played by Amin the Bangla in the events leading to the Sheraton Move, that spring broads to Muhyiddin Yassin assuming the Prime Ministership and throwing  Malaysia into a political crisis.

AMIN who now claims to be a citizen of Malaysia, is a clear and present danger to the NATIONAL SECURITY of Malaysia.  

ANWERS must be forthcoming on how the friend of Victor Chin Boon Long and Francis Leong Seng Wui obtained the right to be called a  MALAYSIAN considering READ : Aminul islam Md Nor, charged in court by the Malaysian Government for abusing a Male Minor in Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

MANY people have mistaken my statement on the return of Roger Ng, as the direct cause of what is happening today, as information directly known by Roger Ng.

RATHER, what I ment was, Roger Ng's return had jump start, an uncontrollable chain of events READ: providing Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim with Nuclear Options to decimate Bersatu, The Corporate Mafia and the Bangla Nexus of Evil.

THERE are among us, who still REMEMBER MH370 , and the tales bordering to INCOMPETENCE of the tallest order.... demanding that the Barbarians gather at the GATES......