Tuesday 3 October 2023

What Anwar Ibrahim is doing right in Malaysia's RICE Drama.

HATS off to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim for doing the morally correct thing by disclosing to tax payers how much is it going to cost the nation to subsidise imported rice.

THE RM400 million capital injection equates to a mere five per cent increase of locally produced white rice in the market.

LIKEWISE the ball now is on the agriculture Minister's feet to inform Malaysia, how much is it going to cost the Federal Government  to READ : subsidise imported rice in Sabah and Sarawak to the tune of RM950 per tonne.

A rough calculation including the RM400 million, the PM had earlier verified, the government will well be subsidising imported rice to the tune of RM1 billion or more on a yearly basis.

AND to whom this money will the government  pay to? It will be to  Bernas, the unit fully owned by Syed Mokthar.

SO we now know that the rice importer can briskly add an additional RM1 billion to his Revenue base and what will the local paddy farmers, as of today , can 100 per cent confirm that they will receive  from Bernas?

AND that too, this confirmed extra payment from Bernas, had to be literally been forced thier throats on live TV by Anwar Ibrahim.

THE confirmed extra payment paddy farmers will receive from Bernas is READ : The RM10 million, Anwar Ibrahim forced Syed Mokthar to cough out.

THIS  RM10 million equates to less than RM300 per farmer. NOW YOU KNOW WHY BERNAS HAS GOT TO GO????