Monday 2 October 2023

Malaysia what's wrong with you???

I am sure many of us who are not in the Civil Service will have plenty of negative things to say in private about READ : Ceupacs proposal that civil servants are given a RM300 raise across the board in budget 2024

AND  i am also convinced that are many Malaysians who can be convinced to go out to the streets in a boisterous manner if the were to increase the local rice price to say RM40 per pack from the current RM26 per pack base.

IT won't matter, to the boisterous Malaysian crowd that if every single sen from that increase ends up in the farmers pocket.

Or maybe because every single cent of the increase ending up in the hands of the Malaysian farmer, and like wise the wage increase that Ceupacs is seeking will directly enrich the Malaysia civil servant is what that is irritating the Malaysian crowd.

WE have become a people who are delirious and actually demand that the KERA DISUSUKAN, while are our own citizens plight DIABAIKAN.

DON'T  believe me? Well then consider the following very  CAREFULLY and then ask yourself the same question I have been asking myself ; What is WRONG WITH YOU MALAYSIA?.

MEET Saudi Arabia, a G20 nation, which has a VIEW : GDP per capita of US$30,436. Malaysia  meanwhile has a VIEW : GDP per capita of US$12,471.

LET'S convert all the GDP per capita to Ringgit using the current spot rate of RM4.71 to the US Dollar.

SO, US$30,437 * RM4.71, will bring Saudi Arabia's GDP per Capita to RM143,358.27, while our own GDP per Capita  of  US$12.471 *4.71 comes up to about RM58,000.

BASICALLY,  Saudi Arabians are 2.82 times or 282 per cent richer than their Malaysian counterparts.

NOW, let's meet BANGLADESH, who happens to send the most number of its citizens to Saudi Arabia. 

SO, Malaysia which is 282 per cent poorer than Saudi Arabia, is paying 7,000 TK more than the Bangladeshi's top foreign employer, Saudi Arabia, which has a MINIMUM WAGE for its CITIZENS  that is FAR MORE superior than the wage of its unskilled foreign work force.

HERE our minimum wage for locals or for  Bangladeshis are the same, ie RM1500, and some of us actually  have the cheeck to say that Arabians are not very smart people.

SMART or not, they know how to take care of their citizens, unlike us, who won't make noise when imported rice price shoots to the moon, but will have a national scandal if Malaysian rice is sold for even RM1 more .

OUR  Prime Minister  Anwar Ibrahim  should put a stop to all this stupidity by freeing the price constrains imposed on Malaysian rice farmers as well as removing the PREMIUM minimum wage we are paying unskilled foreign workers.

ON both counts, allows the free market to decide who gets what and how much. This much I can assure you, the free market will SUSU KAN our ANAK DIPANGKUAN and SHOO of the ANAK KERA DI HUTAN.