Sunday 15 October 2023

WiseGuy inside The Corporate Mafia : The Narco Group That Went Mainstream

SEAN Goh Tze Han,  has been humbled, insulted, humiliated, publicly disgraced, over the past couple of days, as his dearest father has been named and shamed as a scammer. READ : My Airline is part of Corporate Mafia.

AS editor of seeking Seagull, Sean Goh, the baby child of GOODFELLA, Alan Goh, an alleged fraudster behind My Airline,  who sits on the board of MyAirline, was described by an insider, as being without talent and  pocessing alll the charm and warmth  of a deceased.

AS we now know, the Muhyiddin Yassin's and Bersatu's hold on power, remained largely intact despite Muhyiddin Yassin surrendering the hot Prime Minister's seat to Ismail Sabri.

THE years 2021 /2022,  were big ticker years for the GOODFELLAS in coats and suits, who would have something to brag to one of thier core funders ,, on how they have learned tbe lessons from the funder's top boy's failure. 

MEET the master scammer, who perfected the MACAU deception, the now  grumpy Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat, who never expected READ : China To Remember, as well as to have the audacity to touch the ultimate funder of the Goodfellas.

ON the bright side, the GOODFELAS, seems to be specific on their requirements ; great access to bonded warehousing and control over travel, a key oversight that led to the downfall and  still detained READ : Oii Chieng Sim, the drug lord which the police say has a boss, and the boss had fled tbe Island a year before. The timing matches, Tedy Teoh's EXODUS.

ONE year, before MyAirline, and its Credit Community folks becoming an item, a shell shocked nation, with anger boiled at tipping point, completely missed the  achievements of one of the largest money lender of last resort.

MEET the Hong Seng Consolidated Bhd's game of thrones in MMAG. A June 2021, issued by a certain READ : Kenny Khow, executive director of MMAG, who said trust us by supporting MMAG to handle your logistic needs.

ALTHOUGH  now the public knows the real reason MyAirline closed shop is not due to financial  reasons but because of Roger Ng's return.  READ : Teo Kheng Hock, ON July 2023, says MyAirline iPO set for 2026.

CLEARLY money was not the issue, but something much more than money.  Money for the Corporate Mafia when the BERSATU/PAS flags were flying high was never a matter.

BASICALLY, Kenny Khow Chuan Wah bribed in advance a government employee  RM5 million of the possible RM6 million the company would  rake in for the project.

THE said government employee also has direct financial  ties with Alan Goh' s money laundering and scam fronts.

WHEN it comes to money, nothing makes sence when the Corporate Mafia is on the opposite end of the table.

LOOKING back, it seems the Corporate Mafia is much more than an extortion gang, a safer bet, could well, right in the front of our sights a NARCO group has PENETRATED the MAINSTREAM.