Tuesday 17 October 2023

The MyAirline Story ; In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is still King

THE MyAirline story is actually a very laughable one, if not for  the pathetic state the airlines 500 staff/ bread winners have been placed in jeopardy.

THE story starts with a chinaman called Teo Kheng Hock who rebranded himself as Rayner Teo, so that it would sound like RaynAir, Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers, and an ex Department of Civil  Aviation chief,  Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, whom the very respectable South China  Morning Post described as being the butt of jokes.

IF you go thought online forums. Teo Kheng Hock, woulld often be described as Reyner CEO having a stake in MyAirline, which was a SCAM  to mislead readers who might end up with the impression that it was the RyanAir CEO.

TEO Kheng Hock was an ex Air Asia staff, while the butt of joke former DCA chief who had quit in disgrace,  Azharuddin Abdul Rahman were firm believers that AirAsia was a dying Airline.

ARROGANT Azharuddin Abdul Rahman,  who often courted controversy by making stupid remarks did it again in 2020 . READ : Azharuddin Roasted for Air Asia must die remarks.

HOW this TWO WEIRDOS managed to convince some hard nose legal AH LONGS to part with their money and fund the airline company, is BEYOND me.

BUT i do know what was Tony Fernandes reaction to MyAirline;  In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is ALWAYs KING.

TONY Fernandes could see that the MyAirline financial plan which was approved in a hurry on November 2022, by a Mavcom filled with Wee Ka Siong's people WAS FLAWED TO THE CORE.

THAT being the case, Tony Fernandes could go to sleep with one eyed close, knowing fully well that even in a state of sleep, he would just need to keep one eyed open to kill of Teo Kheng Hock and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman's master plan, which we now know is a RETARDED plan.

AIRASIA which has an over 50 per cent share of Malaysia’s domestic market, did what Tony Fernandes asked them to do when he had one eyed closed . 

THE airline increased capacity on all the 11 routes which MyAirline was covering, and to ensure that AirAsia's load factor on the 11 routes would be 100 per cent, AirAsia cut fair prices to the extent, that not only were they cheaper than MyAirline but AirAsia was running at a loss.

TO keep up with AirAsia, Teo Kheng Hock and Azharuddin Abdul Rahman than foolishly tried to take on AirAsia in price war, resulting in the money allocated by the legal AH Long's that was enough to keep MyAirline afloat for a year being completely burned in a mere 120 days.

HOW Tony Fernandes managed to stay a float and still announce a profit was because he was able to cross-subsidise due to profits on non-overlapping routes