Tuesday 24 October 2023

Ismail Sabri, Jangan Baling Batu Di Rumah Kaca.

IF Anwar Ibrahim really spells it out to Ismail Sabri, on why investors have lost a sizeable amount of confidence, in Bursa Malaysia, it might not end too prettily for Ismail Sabri, the country's ninth Prime Minister. 

ISMAIL Sabri, should know better than to ask a dumb question such as READ : why there is a severe lack of confidence in the stock market, especially when one is living in a glass house  built on tilted land.

PERHAPS Ismail Sabri can help explain why a former Prime Minister, who has done a lot of good for the country , is in jail for the 1MDB crimes, but those responsible the losses in Serba Dinamik Bhd, for a loss equivalent to about 50 per cent of the losses in 1MDB, merely had to pay a token fine.

OR on how some of his pals who are also close to Khairy Jamaluddin,  have been identified lately as being members of the notorious Corporate Mafia that had wrecked havoc in Classita Bhd, and Revenue Group Bhd, where strong armed tactics were used.

OR better still why is the guy, his Minister had appointed as Chairman of Bursa Malaysia , Wahid Omar  done nothing to sanction possible READ :money laundering activities in Green Packet Bhd and Revenue Group Bhd, apart from perhaps scratching his testicles