Wednesday 18 October 2023

Muhyiddin Yassin ripped in Parliament

THE self proclaimed Abah of the nation got ripped in Parliament today,  in the clearest signal yet Perikatan Nasional has zero defence when it comes to RICE and BERNAS. 

MUHYIDDIN Yassin who had attempted to slur Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim on the rice shortage  was left speechless, when anwsers we demanded from him in Parliament.  VIEW : Muhyiddin Yassin Got Fired In Parliament.

THE best the Bersatu back benchers could come up with was crude remark BANGSAT by Shahidan Kassim, who had READ : Accepted RM400 million from Syed Mokthar for Bernas.

BANGSAT literally means rascal or scoundrel, a good word to be used on the people responsible for MEMBANGSATKAN RAKYAT MALAYSIA DALAM SOAL BERAS.

THE entire BERSATU  camp should rewatch the Tik Tok Clip above. None of the PAS member of Parliament were even remotely boisterous in coming to defend the once supreme leader of Perikatan Nasion, the self proclaimed ABAH of The Nation.