Thursday 19 October 2023

Vincent Tan Chee Yioun ; I Got My Eye Set On You

FOR a man whoes son should be in jail, doing HARD TIME  or READ : even facing the gallows on drug charges but got away due to the kindness of Tommy Thomas,  now wants to play big brother on all of us.
THE billionaire crony who sold of DiGI before the company became a giant  and READ : sold Friendster to Mark Zuckerberg for US$40 million, allowing the then young teen to rebrand it into Facebook which is worth billions today is an epitome on why without monopolies and AP, Vincent Tan based on his business acumen  alone would have remained a not so successful insurance sales men..

IF you think I am exaggerating on  Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, have you forgotten, years ago just before buying Cardiff, Vincent Tan was given the option to buy Leicester City, but he turned it down , among others due to the age of Claudio Ranieri.

CLAUDIO Ranieri, would eventually take Leicester City to win the English Premier league while Vincent Tan instead of putting Malaysia in the global football map, became the hate figure in the Welsh town of Cardiff. 

SO what has Vincent Tan Chee Yioun done now that has made me aggravated? Well his 7 Eleven outlets are now insisting that consumers either join the 7 Eleven Club or provide details such as their mobile phone numbers  before they can make a purchase.

THIS is clearly an invasion of privacy from a  men whoes son should rightfully be in prison pajamas right now