Wednesday 31 May 2023

Amirudin Shari, somebody is WATCHING you!!!

SHOULD Amirudin Shari, the Menteri Besar of Selangor be fearful, now that Corporate Malaysia wants some directions on his puzzling maneuvers.

FOR a guy, who takes home READ : RM179,775 a month, one would have thought that the Menteri Besar of the nation's most industrialised state, would have at least ensync himself with the philosophical train of though of his party president Anwar Ibrahim.

AND why should he be on the same page with the Prime Minister, not only via words but via actions as well, is pretty obvious, as a large chunk of his RM179,000 salary comes from being the Menteri Besar who gets paid handsomely for sitting on  the board of state own company's such the WorldWide Holdings.

THE Corporate Madani ESG framework cannot make much headway, if the CEO of the most industrialised  state of our country acts in a manner that is against the spirit, intent and purpose of building a civil and just Malaysia.

THE Corporate Madani is not about maximising profits, by being short sighted,but rather it is about sustainable profits, by choosing the right partners, who can help us make ethical decisions. 

"The ruler must spread out a carpet of justice for his people, erect a tent of security, and fly the banners of forbearance with their fluttering tassels. He must pour out rivers of charity for them,restraining the hands of iniquity from reaching them, while showering them with the rain clouds of noble deeds. The most important of all the aforementioned qualities is justice."

THOSE were the words, Anwar Ibrahim told the world at the Fifteenth Annual Seymour Martin Lipset Lecture in 2019.

WITH this in mind, questions are bound to arise on why Amirudin Shari is not towing the line, but instead hr is going out of his way to do the opposite. 

TAKE for instance, the Selangor state government's World Wide holdings Bhd have got into bed with Shanghai Electric Group Co. Ltd for a landfill project in Jeram in April.

THE stigma does not end just yet, it is puzzling on which aspects of the Corporate Madani/ESG framework, did the Menteri Besar of Selangor tap into to get into bed with a company that has seen READ : Lu Yachen, the former deputy chairman of the state-owned Shanghai Electric Group Co Ltd, being expelled from the Communist Party of China over serious violations of Party discipline and laws

TO make matters worst, Lu Yachen's boss READ : Zheng Jianhua has been charged for taking US22.6 million corruptly