Monday 29 May 2023

The False Market's Night of Long Knives is On The Way!!!.

THE fear and panic within the market regulatory community and the support services community  ie audit partners, merchant bankers, stock brokers and private equity managers, are at a very heightened level. READ : Victor Chin Under Remand

THEY fear a night of long knives is not very far behind, and when it comes it will come in a manner that feels like their aorta is being ripped off from their chest.

WHY such a fear? Well because these men and women not only hold the secrets of the Corporate Mafia but many other corporate and political figures. Plus they too have benefited financially.  READ ; Market Manipulation and False Trading In Malaysia.

THIS group believed  they were untouchable and unreachable, have been so extreme  and arrogant in their mannerism, that they even gave the cold shoulder to promote Corporate Madani alongside the Corporate ESG platform.