Friday 26 May 2023

CORRUPTION is the main reason the Ringgit has tanked.

DON'T be fooled for a second by Bank Negara's statement that the sudden drop in the value of the Ringgit has everything to do with the USA and Europe.

THE why to this WHY, is especially important when one takes into account that  READ : The Malaysian Ringgit Is Not Tradeable Offshore.

BASICALLY,  what this means is we are a restricted currency and therefore if the value of our currency drops drastically, there is no George Soros to blame, but rather events that are taking shape inside the country has a big say.

THE biggest fight Malaysia is facing is CORRUPTION, which is at pandemic level, resulting at the equities level, no action being taken by either Bursa Malaysia, the Securities Commission or Bank Negara against the Corporate Mafia.  READ :OVER paying by 347 per cent for Revenue Group Bhd shares.

0R even in the recent confiscation of the Rainbow Swatch Watches, where at the home ministry level, no one seems to have taken responsibility for the raids. READ : The Home Minister Who Seems To Have Not Known About The Rainbow Watch Raid in Advance

THAT being said, if the directive came from the Home Minister, and if it was done legally,  I would at personal level support the move because on further inspection, I was taken aback on what were written on the watches such as LGBTQIA2S.

"LGBTQIA2S" stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, asexual, and two-spirit,

THERE is a huge difference between respecting people's rights and allowing the minority to promote a concept that does not fit into our religious believes.