Monday 22 May 2023

Is OOI CHIENG SIM a member of the Corporate Mafia?

IN the event Ooi Chieng Sim or the likes of him are unnamed secret members of the Corporate Mafia, then I am afraid that the word Corporate should be struck off from this group.

 IF you are wondering, who the heck is Ooi Chieng Sim. Wonder no more.

ACCORDING to media reports, Victor Chin Boon Long READ : is part and parcel of the Corporate Mafia.

OTHERS said to be members of the Corporate Mafia is Francis Leong Seng Wui, who is now the face of Revenue Group Bhd, where out of the blue large amounts of cash in excess of RM15 million has suddenly entered into the company via the conversion of warrants into mother shares.

THE conversion price was at 75 sen, as opposed to Revenue Group mother shares that trades at only 30 sen.

THE Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia,  should ask the Royal Malaysian Police force, who can afford to pay such premiums, especially since with the same amount of money they can buy twice the number of shares directly? 

A legitimate businessmen or those involved in the drug trade.