Tuesday 9 May 2023

RAT on the Malaysia Airports Board.

SOMEONE has been leaking information on what transpires when the Malaysia Airpots Board of directors meet.

AS  a result of those leakages,   former Bukir Bintang member of Parliament  Wee Choo Keong  has  been attacking Malaysia Airports Independent director Ramanathan Sathiamurthy for not kicking up a storm over tie up with a private company, which in turn will get Ten Cent Corp to Include Malaysia into an eletronic super highway, with a 700 million people support base.

WHAT happens when Wee Choo Keong gets toxic ?  Wee Choo Keong stars making mistakes, and then loses the plot and expose himelf to the world , on having actually had made up a large part of the story..

HOW come Wee Choo Keong , merely singles out only two indepndent directors?  How about the rat faced  Azailliza  Mohd Ahad,who has been independent director at Malaysia Airports since 2016..

AFTER  all,  it would have been much easier to pick on Azailliza  Mohd Ahad, as she has already an in built record for substandardness. 

WEE Choo Keong , has shifted  the goal post so many times. He started off by , attempting to draw a picture that the entire deal was bulldized  by Iskandar Mizal Mahmood , who is the managing director of the company.

When that charge did not stick, Wee  has attacked two independent directors bit not Azaillza Ahad for reason we all know why .

NOW, due to all the Wee like holes in Wee's story, there will be boardroom casualties for sure. Bowing out soon is that, shot, fat dumb ass director from Felcra who is notorious for causing trouble for the  chairman/chairwomen