Saturday, 27 May 2023

If an assistant accountant can swipe RM24 million, what's the going rate for in action at the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia?

ANWAR Ibrahim seems to have got PAS by the testicles, with the strong endorsement he has been receiving from Muslim scholars world wide.

NOT only are they endorsing him, the likes such as Mufti Menk, the popular Muslim scholar on Twitter,  have actually come down to Putrajaya, drawing crowds as huge as 18,000 people. READ : LEBIH 18,000 HADIRI MAJLIS ILMU MADANI BERSAMA PERDANA MENTERI DI PUTRAJAYA.

WHY is the crowd size important in this conversation?  Well it has matched toe to toe, the crowd size that Perikatan Nasional could muster at their very best.

WHY is all this not actively highlighted over and over again on social media platforms such as  Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, to show that the Unity Government of Anwar Ibrahim, is able and ready not only to take on Perikatan Nasional  but to beat them at their own game, is something the communication team should answer.

THAT being said, the Prime Minister should not take his eye off for a second in his fight to kill the scrooge , that has maimed Malaysia's glory ;  CORRUPTION. 

THE recent case of an assistant accountant in Kelantan READ : who swiped RM24 million of Government funds, is a good indicator on how this cancer has spread.

THE fish rots from the head onwards, and the Prime Minister has to continue cleaning house, expanding it even to the financial markets, where the cancer is at a PANDEMIC level. READ :SC kata penipuan pelaburan meningkat 100%, bagaimana dengan penipuan Mafia Korporat Victor Chin?