Wednesday 31 January 2024

Malaysia's men in the run

MAN on the run , leading man Najib Razak's fate, it seems have some people doubting, Anwar Ibrahim's ability to consistently beat the odds when playing against the odds.

FOR such type of thinking to come from those being financed from Parti Keadilan either directly or indirectly, should be a wake up call to Anwar Ibrahim, that he is in need of  a good compent wingman for the challenges ahead.

FAHMI Fadzil can't be said to being EVEN half decent in his job as PKR communication chief. VIEW : When you have the Information chief of Mahasiswa Keadilan Malaysia, Wan Hadi saying PH needs Najib Razak badly

OBVIOUSLY,  a lot of money has been pumped in to bolster the Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (uniSZA) language faculty students TIK TOK page , which apparently based purely on algorithms has failed to deliver on the required METRICS.

TO change the dynamics of Malay non support to mass Malay support, Anwar Ibrahim urgently needs to resuscitate FELDA  from its slumber, and severely reduce BERNAS role in Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Pahang.

A strong FELDA, that employs and provide settlers children decent employment opportunities, is one of the keys to regaining  mass Malay support .

LIKEWISE  throwing Bernas under the bus in favour of the farmers, should no longer be delayed; it should have been done the day before yesterday.

SINCE, we were talking about the Man on the run, hero, here is a brief list of Malaysia's Men in the Run to GO DOWN.

1) ROBERT Tan Hua Choon. READ : Spanco Tycoon's accounts frozen by MACC

2) APART from the case involving the suddenly very silent Annuar Musa, the Kedah Menteri Besar  Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor READ : fresh from winning a RM250,000 court case today, is literally walking on broken glasses if WIDAD Group Bhd decides to come clean with "the Widad Group's Untold STORY in KEDAH".

3) LEONG Seng Wui of Revenue Group Bhd. READ : TROUBLE is your FOE