Friday 18 June 2021

Azmin Ali. BODOH??? . Bosan

is a song from the Malay group Atmosfera. Lyrics to this song goes something like this ;

Bosan, bosan, bosan
Bosan, bosan, bosan
Bosan, bosan, bosan, bosan, bosan
Aku bosan dengan sikapmu
Aku bosan dengan caramu.

Yup, I am bored. So for some laugh I decided to check on Azmin Ali's Twitter.

 Azmin Ali's twit on MCO 3 having a positive impact on  our Covid cases,  unveiled some interesting facts. The word Twitter citizens most commonly used to describe Azmin's point of view was BODOH.
CLICK HERE for a detailed analysis, and also do read the comments...It is seriously FUNNY.