Sunday 20 June 2021

Zahid Hamidi. Apakah tanah ni awalnya Eden?

is a song that has guitar rifts almost similar to the unmatched style of Alip Ba Ta.

Lyrics to this song goes something like this;

Apakah tanah ini  awalnya Eden
Tak satupun jiwa yang tahu
Apakah tanah ini akhirnya neraka
Tak satupun jiwa yang tahu.

We all know that Malaysia is a land blessed with everything except competent politicians.  We have oil, natural ports, a straits which is a gateway between Europe and Asia,paddy, rubber, rare earth... you name it and we got it but today the people of this land are suffering!!!

The only Eden, we know of though is Eden Inc Bhd.CLICK TO READ

Hence, Zahid Hamid's statement that there could be fire works come 4th of July  is interesting, but it is not an open and shut case. CLICK TO READ

As the UMNO Political  Bureau's decision will still have to be endorsed by the Supreme Council.  This is where things could get interesting. Stone wall at this stage and there could well be a purge within UMNO.

The 4th of July is America's independence day, a land that flows with milk and honey.  If Zahid's 4th of July works, we could well be on our way again to challenge the Americans, that Tanah Melayu is indeed the land flowing with milk and honey.