Thursday 24 June 2021

Khairy Jamaluddin. Rembau Most Wanted Part 2

is from the one and only W.A.R.I.S , the iconic Negeri Sembilan hip hopper who made a name for himself ten year's ago with Rembau Most Wanted. And now we have,  Rembau Most Wanted Part 2, where W.A.R.I.S raps ;

Tengair dah mulo surut
Petando bumi nak malap
Maso dah semakin uzur
Kono tonung dalam-dalam

Khairy Jamaluddin,  should tonung dalam-dalam, on why does he keep backing the wrong horse at the wrong time.

Who can forget this video. Here is the .  You Tube Link .And now we are served with KJ as he is known being the messenger of good news of the current Prime Minister of Malaysia.CLICK HERE TO READ

This comes barely weeks after Hishammuddin  Hussein, the well liked foreign minister, who has emerged at least in the viral world as a potential Prime Minister candidate took a pot shot at how the government is managing the Covid 19 situation here CLICK HERE TO READ .

And let's not forget Abdullah Badawi lost his job thanks to the antics of KJ's fourth floor boys. So is KJ on the verge of scoring a hatrick of the worst kind.