Wednesday 2 June 2021

Get the BALANCE right!!!

Was a massive hit nearly 40 years ago for Depeche Mode from the album construction time again.

Looks like its construction time again for the media because the bottom line Covid stories are not making the headlines.  This is not government censorship  but more like newsrooms that are too contended with school boy level reporting.

Everyday, when the total number of Covid 19 victims are revealed , we do high fives if the absolute numbers are down , as the media in general are not looking at the number of  people tested and percentage of those infected .

On May 29, some  126480 were tested,  with 9020 positives  (7.1 per cent infection rate), while on May 30, the number of people tested dropped by some 14 per cent  with 109562 people tested, with 6999 positives (6.3 per cent infection rate).  The following day the number of those tested dropped by some 19 per cent or so  89227  with the positives  6824  (7.64 infection rate)

The media has got to get the balance right. The rest I shall leave to Depeche Mode ;

When you think you've got a hold of it all
You haven't got a hold at all (all)
When you reach the top
Get ready to drop
Prepare yourself for the fall (the fall)