Tuesday 29 June 2021

Covid Testing. Kau Bodoh Ke

is one of my all time favorite Malay hip hop song from the severely under rated Durhaqa and Kuyuki.  Don't expect to hear them on  the airwaves though, but if they are the future of underground hip hop here, then it is world class indeed.

The boys have asked a simple question or perhaps making a statement ; Kau BODOH ke????

Calling a person BODOH is really rude,  but  then how best to describ a group of people who do the same set of things but expect  a different outcome.

Believe it or not, they did it during MCO 2 and repeated it again during MCO 3. 

1.MCO 2 lockdown marred by lacking of testing says president of Malaysian Medical Assosiation.

2. Throughout the lockdown — instead of increasing testing to detect and isolate cases early to prevent spread of the virus — the government has consistently reduced testing every week from 715,223 people tested in the week of May 30-June 5 (average 102,175 daily tests) to 506,178 tests in the week of June 20-26 (average 72,311 daily tests).

One would expect that the lockdown would have been an ideal time to aggressively test  and not a time to sit idle. 

 Durhaqa & Kuyuki the lyrics please to KAU BODOH KE;

Hmm, kau dengan bodoh
memang tak ada beza
kira latitude, longlitude
belum tentu boleh jumpa
kau punya attitude
your behavior was shit.