Tuesday 22 June 2021

John Maynard Keynes. Follow me

was a hit in 2000 for Uncle Cracker. Follow me, 
is what the Indiana Jones of Macro economy,  Keynes may have said if he was alive today. 

 Keynes would have turned 138 on June 5 this year, made his name on the world stage  by studying the 1930's great depression, before coming up with an all action demand based  economy which changed the face of Macro economy as we know it.

Keynes,  understood two pertinent matters, man is not a rational animal often overlooking simplicity in solutions,  and when the going gets tough, the tough should put aside nicicities and get on with 

This is not the time, to lament like Zafrul that the nation's debt celling will hit 60 per cent CLICK HERE TO READ or to keep repeating like Muhyiddin  that the government is running out of money CLICK TO READ.

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 The finance minister  and the prime minister, kalu x santai santai je....BACA NI