Friday 25 June 2021

Tengku Zafrul . Tanya sama itu hud hud

was a smash hit M Nasir from his 1993 best seller Canggung Mendonan.  In the song, M. Nasir ask a very interesting question, a question which Tengku Zafrul as finance minister must have the wisdom to answer. 

It is the same question Tun Mahathir had to anwser in 1997, when he defied the International  Monetary Fund, and a host of rating agencies such as the Standard & Poors, and Moody's.

And in doing so, Malaysia became the only country to say NO to the IMF which went to bail out among others South Korea and Indonesia. Malaysia also lost out on some opportunities to restructure  the country .

SAVE the country or save his people? Tun decided to save his people, made up of Malays, Chinese and Indians whose favorite past time was and still s to squabble with each other.

You can read more  ( CLICK HERE TO READ) about how the flawed Moses of our country said NO to the world to make sure that his people had jobs and food on the table.

Today we have Tengku Zafrul flaunting success, when our people are going hungry, losing jobs and struggling just to survive.

Zafrul's weapon of choise,  to brand success are almost the very same group of people, who Tun Mahathir ignored using wisdom instead of the logic of economics.  You can read more by clicking on the link.

And the question which M Nasir asked and Mahathir aced was ;

Lihat dunia dari mata burung
Atau lihat dari dalam tempurung
Yang mana satu engkau pilih
Dalam kalut ada peraturan
Peraturan mencipta kekalutan
Di mana pula kau berdiri.