Tuesday 29 June 2021

EY to KPMG. Yang Manis Tapi Bukan Gula

is riding high now on the Tik Tok app for Indonesia's Stegga Bwoy.   The people at  Ernst & Young must be laughing themselves  silly in the office  with  the  Yang Manis  Tapi  Bukan Gula  poser.  Will KPMG fall for it again?

The lyrics ;

Jadi harus dapat
baru bisa pilih berhenti
Yang manis tapi bukan Gula
Ko macam . beda okey
yang tak putar terlalu banyak

Many years ago, EY refused to sign off  the 1MDB accounts, and was replaced by KPMG who did sign off the accounts , and now are in settlement talks with the Government.  

It's been nearly 48 hours since Serba Dinamik told Bursa Malaysia that EY was willing to come in as the special auditor provided KPMG gives them “full and unfettered access” on their working papers.

Will KPMG do it? It's been nearly 48 hours still no word from KPMG  or its signing partner for Serba Dinamik accounts.

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2.EPF jual saham Serba Dinamik, 5000 pekerja mungkin terjejas