Wednesday 30 June 2021

KPMG. Jesus he knows Me.

was the second track from Genesis 14th and final studio album, entitled We Can't Dance . 

Lyrics to the song goes something like this ;

Won't find me practicing what I'm preaching
Won't find me making no sacrifice
But I can get you a pocketful of miracles
If you promise to be good, try to be nice
God will take good care of you
Just do as I say, don't do as I do

DAY 3,  KPMG which was  valiantly defended by the SC and  the Audit Oversight Board has yet to hand over their notes on Serba Dinamik to EY. 

Does anyone know if KPMG  was smart enough to ask for EY's full and unfettered access” of their working papers on 1MDB  before taking over and signing off the Audit?

I don't  think  so,  which is why the people at EY will be laughing their heads out yet again.