Thursday 1 July 2021


from Yonnyboii last year.  The lyrics to  this song goes something like this 

Aku tanya macam mana?
Aku tanya macam mana?
Aku tanya macam mana?
Orang tanya macam mana
Aku kata macan ni dah
Dulu semua berkepala
Skg tunjuk macam lidah 

 Macam mana if  EY can't  take up the  special audit on  Serba Dinamik  by tomorrow.  Will Bursa Malaysia  suspend  the stock or willĺ the SC and its Audit Oversight  Board sanction KPMG instead for  not providing the documents  needed by EY. 

Macam mana  the reaction of the Minority Shareholders Watchdog Group and Institutional Investors Council who previously urged Serba Dinamik shareholders to retain KPMG, will they now ,  tick off the auditor or  just buat tak tahu?

On Serba Dinamik, how many of us are aware that
just a couple of weeks ago,  the company took on  criticis operating from a highly influential investor portal.  Allegations were made the the company was running a Ponzi Scheme. The Ponzi Scheme Apology

Winning such battles, enhances Serba Dinamk's  profile. For sure the likes such as FITCH Ratings Inc, will also be watching closely. 

After all, it was only last year, Serba was named among the TOP 50 BEST IN ASIA  by Fitch Ratings Inc (Fitch Ratings) — the only Malaysia-based firm listed in the rating agency’s top 50 Asian high-yield corporate issuers.