Thursday 24 March 2022

REBEL Telco's In Unison to Annuar Musa : There's A Cold Beer Calling My Name

is a current Billboard Top 30 hit and rising, which features Luke Combs on Jameson Rodgers debut studio album Bet You're From A Small Town, which has managed to cross over from the Country music scene into mainstream success.

Communication Minister,  Annuar Musa does indeed hail from A Small Town,  but do the telco's  take him for a fool?

Here is a man,  just a  day or  two ago, was being talked  about as an Acting Prime Minister,  a  candidate  to be the Deputy Prime Minister. READ : Annuar Musa Bosses It Like An Acting Prime Minister, In Absence of Ismail Sabri.

But all that talk now,  looks like it's gonna be flushed into the drain  as the telco's .....

There's a cold beer calling my name
Feel a good time coming, got a new song humming
And the sunset's doing its thing
Feeling lucky as a seven, yeah sometimes Heaven
Is a pocket full of payday green
And my baby putting sugar on me
Yeah, it's sure been a pretty damn good day
And there's a cold beer calling my name

READ :  The Delinquent 4 Telcos : We seek typical merger and acquisition process for Digital Nasional Bhd equity stake offer.

  Why is this so?  Well because it takes a minimum  of 6 months  to undertake a merger and acquisition exercise. READ : Mergers and Acquisition Process Can Take A Minimum of SIX months but the entire process can take years.

Case in point is the Celcom Digi merger announced in 2021 READ : Celcom And DIGI merger could drag until the end of June 2022

After,  fighting hard for the telco's voice to be heard,  Annuar Musa has been left standing alone in the rain without an umbrella

Malaysia is indeed watching if Annuar Musa knows how to use the power vested in a Federal Minister or  is he just another pretender, for higher office, who has been caught wanting....