Sunday 20 March 2022

Another 24 hours of living Dangerously in Malaysia : DANG!!!

is a song taken from Mac Miller's  2016 Divine Female album.  To those who are unfamiliar with Miller,  the guy is  one of very few rappers,  who could give Eminem,  a run for his money,  but he lived dangerously, and died too young.

Tough Love is what DAP's in coming chairman Lim Guan Eng intends to  dish out to Ismail Sabri READ :  MOU ‘finished’ if anti-hopping law not passed in timeframe - Guan Eng.

Guan Eng's non negotiable stance, seems to indicate there is a split in DAP.  The non court cluster in DAP, meanwhile wants to READ : Anthony Loke proposes to empower Ismail Sabri's position by extending the MOU with the Government.

How many mistakes do it take 'til you leave
And I'm left with my hand on my face
All red in the face, lookin' at you like (wait)
I know I ain't a saint, if it ain't too late, well
I can't keep on losing you
Don't run away so fast

Split or no split,  DAP always ends up speaking in one voice, hence TOMORROW 's constitutional amendment in parliment looks likely to set the stage for another 24 hours of  politically living dangerously in  good old Malaysia.