Tuesday 29 March 2022

Annuar Musa : Apa Guna Berjanji?

is a song from the nation' s multi talented entertainer Puan Sri Saloma.

Annuar Musa... CUKUP LAH,  kami dah bosan nak dengar cerita ni.  Bosan dan lemas. READ : Telco untung tapi perkhidmatan tak memuaskan - Annuar?

Annuar Musa , knows that the Government had spent RM4 billion to do the job that the telcos themselves did not want to do.

Why then did he push forward for the telcos have a greater say in Digital Nasional Bhd ? And how did the telcos REPAY Annuar Musa????

Apa guna berjanji
Kalau tak ditepati
Kelak meracun hati
Tuan sendiri
Mengigit jari

What is repulsive is Annuar Musa seems to think that  we should do the same thing and expect a different outcome!!!