Tuesday 15 March 2022

Annuar Musa : Si Putar Alam

is taken from Ekamatra's  debut album Satu Tekanan Irama which was released in 1989,  to wide spread acceptance.   The album sold more than 150,000 copies, despite rampant piracy at that point of time.

Quality,  Class,  and diligence are  the  hallmark of a wise leader of men.  Having read Annuar Musa's statement  READ : Annuar Musa ajak Khairuddin berjuang bersama Umno I have serious doubts about Annuar Musa.

Is Khairuddin Aman Razali,  the type of  leader UMNO needs to attract or is he exactly the type of personality UMNO must AVOID?   

To  those who are not familiar with Khairuddin,  here is a single article READ ; Meet Khairuddin. Khairuddin brought in RM82b investments from visit to Turkey? He should be PM, says Kok.

Ke kiri ke kanan
Menoleng dia memandang
Apa yang dicari
Dari pagi sampai petang
Lagak dia kesibukan
Lagak dia kehilangan
Ke hulu ke hilir
Kononnya bisnes jutawan
Semuanya temberang
Asal sahaja perut kenyang

Credit to Zahid Hamidi,  who kept his silence unlike others who have been downright cruel in their assessment on Annuar Musa and hid  judgement abilities.

Malaysians  should worry,  because looking at the caliber at hand,  one must worry hard and ask  why on earth the 5G Digital Nasional Bhd files are on this  man's table!