Monday 7 March 2022

EPF 10k + Movement of The People = Exodus : Jang Ucap JANJI!!!!

is a rework of  the  late Glenn Sebastian's master piece,  by one of the hottest acts over the past two years,  the hit maker,  Toton Caribo.

Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi has been saying it for months,  while Muhyiddin Yassin  and Lim Guan Eng said the same things between Feb and March this year.

Dulu manis
Kini semua habis
Cuma datang kasi luka
Lalu pergi ikut suka hati
Manis cuma di MUKA!

So where is the EPF 10k,  which most of  the major party leaders now say must be given to the Rakyat who can afford it.

In the past two weeks,   50,000 Malaysians and counting , have provided fresh vigor and purpose for a three month old petition, demanding that the politicians who govern kneel to the people's demand.

Todate,  more than 150,000 have signed up in VIEW:  TUNTUTAN RM10000 WANG CARUMAN KWSP SECARA ONE OFF,  and most are not going to buy Asyraf Dusuki's narrative READ : Kesukaran membuat keputusan berhubung pengeluaran terakhir caruman Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) bukti kerajaan sekarang bukan ditadbir oleh UMNO.

Who calls the shots in UMNO. Does Zahid have control. IF he has,  then where is the 10K. 

Who gave the EPF boss,  who is neither an elected representative  of the people or a decision maker to READ: Resist efforts by contributors to withdraw money from their retirement savings accounts.

In between,  since we are talking about politicians here,  daftness is never far behind.  Lim Guan Eng said READ ; If 10K, about 5K???

And there was gamesmanship too.  Muhyiddin said, VIEW Muhyiddin Yassin : Saya buat keputusan, beritahu Menteri Kewangan...Sekarang no mintak RM10 Ribu pun tak nak keluarkan bukan salah saya... Putrajaya kena jawap : . Is he implying  that Ismail Sabri,  dare not over ride Tengku Zafrul?

I believe,  Ismail Sabri is his own men,  READ : kerajaan tak berhasrat benarkan pengeluaran KWSP  ,  which can mean only thing.... UMNO,  which once could house Tun Mahathir,  Musa Hitam ,  Daim Zainuddin,  Tengku Razaleigh, Rafidah Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim under one roof, is less accommodating to  a  wide range of  opposite narratives from groups,  all headed by men and women  with strong opinions.

Today's UMNO is not big enough to house Zahid,  Najib and Ismail Sabri under one roof. 

Don't get ready for  the 10k,  but rather be prepared,  for an EXODUS , a  movement  of  the people,  which  could  slice UMNO,  in similar style to Moses heroics at the red sea !!!