Monday 14 March 2022

Anwar Ibrahim : She's GONE!!!

is a song taken from the debut album of glam rockers Steelheart. The song barely made thev top 40 in 1991, but that doesn't take away any of its shine as a true blue classic.

Anwar Ibrahim, has he lost his mojo or is it a case,  that he no longer has any real interest in politics?  

What ever,  it is, under Anwar Ibrahim,   Pakatan Harapan , no longer has a united opinion on policy nor a plan of action.

In my life
There's just an empty space
All my dreams are lost
I'm wasting away

Under Anwar Ibrahim's  leadership   can anyone out there say what is  Pakatan Harapan's  stand on  Digital Nasional Bhd,  the Single Wholesale Network and 5G?   Stop taking the Rakyat for granted.

The opposition stand seem to be everyman for himself, hence the Vibes coming out borders on intelligent,   lap dog and down right stupid.

DAP lawmaker,  Dr Ong Kian Ming after questioning both the telcos and Digital Nasional Bhd. READ : Bangi MP tells telcos, says DNB argument for single network 5G rollout convincing.

And then we have the fishy opinion of PKR's  Fahmi Fadzil and Amanah's Faiz Fadzil,  who will be delighted for the rakyat to pay through their noses for poor service by the telcos.