Sunday 13 March 2022

Ismail Sabri : You Can Win If You Want

is the smash European  hit from 1985,  from the German version of Wham - ,  the duo Modern Talking.

For Ismail Sabri to come out swinging and winning over the next six  days,  the Prime Minister must go back to his roots.  

Life is more than fantasy
Take my hand follow me
Oh you gotta brand-new friend
For your life
You can win if you want
If you want it you will win
Oh, come on take a chance

The Prime Minister has to stop listening to Annuar Musa, and go with his gut and  allow Digital Nasional Bhd to be  the sole 5G Wholesale Network provider,  because this is in line with his own vision,  to develop rural Malaysia. 

Following which,  he should entice Tengku Zafrul,  the Finance Minister into UMNO.

Ismail Sabri should not listen to Annuar Musa because his flip flop on 5G makes the Prime Minister look weak,  and also because the communication minister is confrontational, and this could back fire.  READ : Tarikh PRU kekal jadi hak budi bicara PM - Annuar..

Annuar Musa's statement makes the PM yet again look indecisive,  considering READ : Ismail Sabri : The decision to call for the next general election (GE15) will only be made by Barisan Nasional.

Notice how , Ismail Sabri is talking about collective leadership,  while the communication minister outburst is more like a loose cannon.

One thing the Prime Minister does not have is time.  READ : PAS leader in the black book of the party's president claims a PN -PH tie up.  

To rally his troops and to rally Malaysians around him,  the Prime Minister,  must show leadership qualities that only a man annointed to lead will have  the courage to do so : Stick to your vision,Mr Prime Minister!!!.