Friday 25 March 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 21:KONGSI!

is a song from Joe Flizzow, who is now part of  Def Jam,  founded by Russell Simmons, whoes ex Kimora Lee, is linked to  Malaysia's infamous 1MDVB heist via her husband,  Tim Leissner,  the former managing director of Goldman Sachs South  East Asia.

KONGSI's are basically the mob,  but that does not   neccesarily not mean,  you have to be doing something illegal, but one merely need to  act and speak in one voice to frustrate the state.

Jika mahu kunci kuasa
Harus ada modal
Kongsi kongsi mari bicara
Kongsi pendapat dan juga idea
Masuk kongsi tiada keluar

FRUSTRATE,  the state is what the likes of Maxis,  Celcom, DiGI and U Mobile have done .

They have taken  the  playbook on how,  the telco's in the Americas have sabotaged Mexico's RED Compartida.  

READ : Mexico’s shared network Altan Redes, which is 70 per cent complete gets coverage deadline extension, as telco's keep backtracking on joining the network

But they have ONE fear,  not even money, powerful backers, and insiders  cannot help them with.

They expressed that FEAR in  their letter to the government  and I am disappointed  that the mainstream media did not latch to that.

Basically,  they don't want Digital Nasional Bhd to raise money to build the 5G network in the rural as well as town centre's,  so that you and I can enjoy 5G.  In other words,  they want to delay the role out of 5G in Malaysia.

This clause is nonsense considering that the neither Digi nor Celcom who are in a merger process,  have stopped expanding their networks just because there is a on going merger exercise .

So before, before I name the new contractor the people up North are lining up for the Kongsi,  this is my advice  to Digital Nasional Bhd.

Go beg or borrow atleast RM10 million and  use that money to advertise digitally and on main stream media  daily on where your new sites are with customer testimonials.

Public perception and speed in building the 5G network are the only weapons that Digital Nasional can use to whack the day lights of the kongsi.

Next Week Part 22 : Say My Name.