Monday 21 March 2022

K-KOMM : Hilang terang, timbul gelap

is taken from Puan Sri Saloma's posthumously released  Siri Bintang Pujaan album in 2014, which I must say is one heck of an album.

Looks like the change of acronym to K-KOMM for the Communication and  Multimedia Ministry,  hasn't diminished its odd ball,  alternative views that could cost the nation a bomb.

Early this month,  Deputy Finance Minister Yamani Hafez Musa correctly told Parliment READ : Cryptocurrenies are volatile, speculative and don't have characteristics of money

Hilang terang, timbul gelap
Lampu hati padam, tak bercahaya
Ibaratnya kapal tiada berkemudi
Di samudera, hanyut tak menentu
Bintang tiada beri cahaya
Di angkasa, gelap tak bermaya
Hanyut perahuku di malam durjana

Lo and behold,  the funky people at K-KOMM,  once again showed the nation why they STAND OUT  like a SORE THUMB.