Saturday 12 March 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 19 : A view to a Kill

is the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same title brought to you by the 1980's super band Duran Duran.

Digital Nasional Bhd,  no doubt has been boxed in a hell of a cell with a view to bring killed

Could it be the whole lot opening wide
A sacred why
A mystery gaping inside
A week is why
Until we dance into the fire

Call it luck or call it providence,  but currently the telco's do not have a contractor to put forward which can stand under scrutiny.

READ :  

From facing major supply chain issues,  which mean Malaysia's  5G network  under Huawei could end up being like Frankenstein,  a test gone wrong,   to the ability for Huawei to act independently  from  the China government means at this point of  time the telco's cannot rely on the Chinese giant.

  The alternative would be U Mobile's  5G  contractor of choice  READU MOBILE SIGNS MOU WITH ZTE ON 5G NETWORK INNOVATIONS.

But with the U Mobile owner coming under scrutiny  directly and indirectly  for READ : A Holiday with The Minister and READ : The Stuff Tommy Thomas Did NOT Write In His Book

What We are in this Wednesday  is .....

Next week , Part 20 :  STAYIN ALIVE