Monday 14 March 2022

The EPF narrative from hell against : We The People.

is a single released this year by Kid Rock,  which seems popular among right wingers.

Back in November 2021, I had suspected that the MoF  and EPF  narrative that it was concerned about,  we the peoples  retirement kitty was not genuine.  READ :  EPF, Menteri Kewangan & Editor Bisnes: Tak Erti Menari dikatakan lantai Berjongket jongket : EH.

Basically,  what we have is a move to safeguard  the interest of  the rich,  and to hell with We the People.   

How many Government linked companies have been restructed,   with the board members salary reduced owing to poor performance?

We have a beefed up civil service..but  that does not mean we have to cut it,  like wise EPF which only has about RM56 billion  in cash,  cuts a sorry story saying selling assets now,  especially stocks could lead to losses.

The rationale implies that EPF have bought equities abroad on  the high side.  Is it not better,  to reduce exposure to stocks abroad,  especially so,  when  the possibility of a market crash has heightened.?

We the people
Standing up, and standing tall
'Cause it's all for one and it's one for all
All, all, all
We the people

Yes,  we the people deserve leaders who will gives us a true narrative rather than one made up by grand mothers!!!