Tuesday 8 March 2022

The UNKILLABLES' providence (Part One of Two) : Do it for your COUNTRY (Hall of FAME )

is the combined effort of Irish rock band Script and Will.I am  of Black Eyed Peas.  Released in 2012,  the song is a  bona fide classic as well as a major hit in every nook of the world.

CONTRARY,  to the popular narrative funded and shaped by the telcos and their minnions inside and outside the corridors of power ,  the Single Wholesale Network , actually has the backing  of policy makers  on both sides of  the Atlantic.

THIS is NOT an alternative  narrative,  This is what the experts are saying but their voices are being drowned by the power of money,  held by the telcos,  to silence the media by dishing out advertisement money and  politicians via lobbyist 


Bombshell Number 3  🟪 : The UK Government states in its Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review, that the sharing of infrastructure should be backed by the government,

SHOCKING isn't it ? Because what most of us are fed on the SWN ,  thus far had been about how it failed in countries such as Rawanda .

COMMUNICATION  Minister Annuar Musa and the deputy,  Zahidi Zahid,  who have been CONTRIDICTING each other so many times,  READ :  KKMM, MoF sentiasa bekerjasama should get their act together  and support Digital Nasional Bhd and Ismail Sabri's pet project to bring development  to rural Malaysia.

COULD a lack of communication, be the cause for Zahidi's  baseless statements thus far,  and  what is Parliment going to do about it,  considering READ : Annuar Musa walks back deputy's claim in Parliment that MOF unilaterally appointed DNB 

Surely,  Parliment cannot  sit in silence,  when it  seems delirious in  hanging Najib  Razak. READ : Najib must apologise in Parliament, demands Guan Eng

THE NUMBER 11, wearing the jersey presented by the Johor Crown Prince ,  got  more views  in the Malaysian Gazzate interview than  Ismail Sabri's April Fool' announcement.

PROVIDENCE  has provided Ismail Sabri a once in a life time opportunity,  to have his name in world history,  by being the first leader to push through a successful  pure Government SWN instead of a public private partnership or a dual network option which will make phone bills more costly in the future.

How you ever gonna know 
If you never even try?
Do it for your country, do it for your name
'Cause there's gon' be a day, when you're
Standin' in the Hall of Fame
And the world's gonna know your name

This is it bro,  your one and only chance to step out of Najib Razak's  shadow ... it is NOW or it will be  NEVER

PART TWO :  First Net  : Man in Motion