Thursday 3 March 2022

Fahmi Fadzil & Gang : MALULAH BOS!

is  a song by Al Zabran,  produced by Rapper Kampung,  that was released just nine days ago,  garnering more than 100k views on YouTube in such a short time.

Thank God,  we don't have a daft index to measure our politicians. READ : Fahmi Fadzil, wants the MACC to identify possible elements of corruption between Ericsson, and Digital Nasional Bhd

Malu boss (bukan main)
Jadi bahan bercanda
Malu boss (bukan main)
Jadi bahan lawak negara tetangga

Apart from hampering Digital Nasional Bhd from READ : Ramping up the 5G rollout in a bid to achieve 38% population coverage by year end, perhaps the Ministry of Finance should also be publicly rebuked for choosing the most competent bid,  which happens to be RM700 million lower than its rivals.

Talking about daftness,  can anyone explain how the telcos managed to convince our politicians to derail the nation's  5G plan to consider a dual infrastructure network setup.

It's taken the cabinet THREE months and counting to consider this U TURN  of a request.

And WHY is it a U TURN?  Because every now knows back in 2020, the telco's themselves said READ : Single network approach is best 5G bet for Malaysia, telco bosses said