Monday 7 March 2022

The Story of DNB will Be Told : Part 18 : : Bukan Yang Terbaik

is a song from the gamer and Dota player Adzrin,  which has more than 8 million views on  You Tube since it's release in  2019

Tak pernah diberi masa
Inginku cuba berterus terang
Namun tak pernah diberi peluang
Sayunya hati
Pedih jiwa ini
Berlalu pergi
Tanpa simpati 

MASA or TIME,  is something  the telcos are running out of in their bid to kill off Digital Nasional Bhd. 

Huawei,  was never actually the contractor the telcos were banking on.  The real contractor is ZTE CORP . This is also why, READ :Zafrul : China's Huawei INVITED but did NOT MAKE BID to build Malaysia's 5G network

Eventhough  both Huawei and ZTE  are blacklisted by  the USA,  ZTE uses a lot of American components .READ : ZTE's omission from the Entity List means it is apparently free to engage with US suppliers as well as chip foundries that rely on US technology, such as Taiwan's TSMC.

  ZTE  has  agreements with two parties. ; U Mobile,  and the  notorious syndicate READ :  What's the frequency KENNETH who  may have been funding DAP 

So what's the problem now?  EDISI SIASAT  is the problem.   READAyob Khan kata kertas siasatan anak Vincent Tan telah diserah ke AGC.

IMAGINE the uproar,  if  the U Mobile contractor is  the chosen one ?????

As last minute replacement,   the telcos are trying to convince  NOKIA.. .....

NEXT WEEK, Part 19 :   A view to a KILL