Saturday 9 April 2022

Aiza Azreen Ahmad @ MySejahtera : Tell Me Why

is a dance track released  by Supermode in  2006,  that reached number two  on  the UK dance charts.  The duo behind Supermode, are Swedish DJs Steve Angello and Axwell , would latter go on to form the much more popular Swedish Mafia House.

IT'S  NOT A  crime to reinvent yourself  with a  new name  to suit with the changing times,  and  It's  no sin  if one were to be better off,  due to the change.

SUSPICIOUS  MIND' St hought are aroused,  when READ  :  MySJ To Get MySejahtera Intellectual Property, Licensing For RM338.6Mil From App Developer  ,  

but at the same time,  the company' CEO  designate   Aiza Azreen Ahmad  says READ : Mysejahtera ownership is under full control of the Government.

Turn away, run away
Turn away, run away
Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why,  tell me why
Tell me why, Tell me why

WHY indeed pay or even offer to pay such an amount?  Perhaps MySJ is actually negotiating on behalf of the Government,  or perhaps even are parties acting in consert?

USING  the MySejahtera  platform to build a super app solely for public to interact with the Government,  makes sence but to appoint a third party to help manage,  without a proper open tender means the rakyat  is being denied the best bang for their ringgit

MySj CEO Designate Aiza Azreen Ahmad who has changed jobs 3 times in  less than 14 months,  dissapoints  and fails  miserably to adress any of this question.... 

WHO  is  to be blamed here ? ,  the public who are excited , yet another money making Corporate  Malaysia soap opera is about to implode  or a CEO designate  who  does not know how to communicate effectively and efficently?