Tuesday 12 April 2022

Tourism Malaysia Can You Please : Build It Better????

is  a  song taken from Australian song writter turned  Natalie Imbruglia's  sixth studio album titled Firebird,  which was released in 2021.

EVER wondered why  Singapore who only welcomed 19.12 million visitors in 2019,  raked in  about RM83 billion  in tourist  receipts,  while in the same year 26.1 million visitors visited Malaysia,  raking in some RM86 billion in  tourist receipts?

THE reason is Singapore target's tourist with money while Malaysia welcomes every Tom,  Dick  and Harry.

IDEALLY , Malaysia could use, Covid 19,  and the mandatory on-arrival antigen rapid test (RTK) at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport,  as a move to be a bit more selective in who we welcome.

The place hasn't changed
But I'm here alone
I know it's crazy walking wires
But nothing lasts forever
When it all falls down, gotta build it better

WONG Chun Wai insist on seeing the glass as half empty, READNOT So Ahead of the curve  when in fact he could use his clout and considerable influence to reshape tourism in Malaysia.

THE volume game will only benefit the legions of foreign workers in the country,  but cash numbers game will favour the locals.

DO I believe that the tourism minister Nancy Shukri  and her deputy Edmund Santhara have  a game plan towards this direction?  HELL NO!!!