Friday 1 April 2022

Dysfunctional Malaysia : Dari Awal Aku Tak Percaya Kata Kata Mu!!!

is the remake of  the Matta Band's Ketahuan,  by Syahiba Saufa set to the music of Luis Fonzi's Despacito.

This is a first in my lifetime. The first time I have heard Tun Mahathir say he doesn't know what to say ie speechless. READ :  Saya tak tahu nak kata apa, Muhyiddin minta sokongan untuk kembali jadi PM.

Dari awal aku tak pernah
Percaya kata-katamu
Karena ku hanya melihat
Semua dari parasmu
Terakhir kau bilang padaku
Kau takkan pernah selingkuh
Tetapi ternyata dirimu
Bermain di belakangku

Dysfunctional  politics can  bring mayhem,  with the South China Morning Post in an August 2021 report zeroing on Malaysia. READ :  Is Malaysia and Tunisia alike, young democracies are being destabilised by dysfunctional leadership.

Basically,  the Muhyiddin  faction which includes PAS, wants to ensure a general election is not called this year, and may try to scuttle it, by showing that they have enough members of parliment on their side 

Politically,  it makes sence for them to do so,  because even thought they have lost in both Johor and Melaka elections,  the Malay vote  is barely  bossed by UMNO,  while on the streets,  the MCA  can't even hold a candle to the DAP .

With  Mahathir's confirmation of Muhyiddin's intentions,  Prime Minister Ismail Sabri has been cornered into a tight spot  as it was he, who had appointed READ : Muhyiddin Yassin as National Recovery Chairman, a post which Tun Mahathir had sought .