Thursday 14 April 2022

Lepas Raya : 3 Budak Botak !!!

is a song which features the lady rapper Nurul,  who has been making a heck of a name for herself.

It's weeks to go before Hari Raya,  and  the big three in  UMNO,  specifically  Najib Razak,  Zahid Hamidi,  and  the man of  the moment READ :  MACC to probe into power abuse in Negri Sembilan logging, land lease projects  know that  time is a commodity that  will soon run its course.

Walau kami botak
Kami tak pernah mengalah
Bila orang mula menghina
Kami kasih rata
Kami budak botak
Tidak akan tewas
Tiqa budak botak
Kami akan langgar

The trio will have to make their move, as soon as the first three days of Raya is over. Already,  Zahid and Muhyiddin  are poles apart when it comes to policy. READ 

2. Muhyiddin Yassin: Speed up process on migrant worker approvals

With Tok Mat now at the centre of a fresh investigation ,  barely a month after Zahid Hamidi,  UMNO president put out the sound bites,  that his deputy  has enough qualities to be a future Prime Minister ,  one can be rest assured we are now entering the final phase .