Monday 1 April 2024

Anwar Ibrahim needs to wake up now before it is too late.

THERE are too much of a coincidence taking place in Malaysia these days, that I suspect that the Prime Minister is being set up for a big fall.

SO what can the Prime Minister do? Well for starters, the Anwar Ibrahim of READ : November 2023 needs to show up.

THE Anwar Ibrahim of November 2023 had scared the day lights of even Dr Mahathir to an extent, because at the end of the day, Malaysia needs a hardmen to even up the score.

WHILE there is not a single drop of proof to what I am going to write now, the suspicion among the people I converse with is UMNO's Muhamad Akmal Saleh and Perikatan Nasional are taking Malaysians for  suckers by playing the good cop/bad cop drama.

LIKEWISE, we have traditional Pakatan Harapan critic, the failed ex air steward READ : S Sashi Kumar purposely attempting to incite religious tension.

OBVIOUSLY there is some big money financing all these people . Who they are is pretty obvious,as one just have to go through the big names under investigation for corruption and those already charged by the MACC.

IF Anwar Ibrahim is still keen on being Prime Minister, it won't do him no harm to instruct the Home Minister to dish out some PDRM hospitality to all the trouble markers regardless of race or religion, in line with the age old saying, spare the rod and spoil the child.